Millennial Myths

We’ve heard a lot of Millennial bashing over the last decade or so. We’ve heard everything from “they’re lazy” and “have no values”, among other myths. I use the word myth consciously here, because without DATA to back up the facts, they are just that. So, the news I share today is that they are myths after all. Millennials are … Read More

Common Mistakes Buyers Make on Offers

Buyers sometimes unwittingly make simple mistakes that significantly impact their chances of an offer being accepted or countered. Some of these mistakes are pretty obvious, others not so much. I have jokingly coined these mistakes the “seven purchasing sins”.  They are: Dragging your feet Offering your MAX approval amount Using an obscure lender Lowballing Waiving inspection contingency Letting others sway your … Read More

Home Shopping Smartly

There are some in the home buying process who don’t prepare themselves very well. They may have saved some for a down payment, but chances are, that is where they stop. There is much more to do to prepare for the home purchasing process to make the process go smoothly. Some include, working with a trusted Loan Officer (NOT A WEBSITE), … Read More

Why I work by referral.

I am unique in that I work exclusively by referral and building strong relationships with my clients, business associates and sources of referral. What does this mean, specifically? I don’t spend unnecessary funds for expensive marketing campaigns, purchasing leads lists nor do I spend valuable time performing cold calling and door knocking. This frees me up to build strong relationships … Read More

Smart Home Tech Wins the Day

Savvy homeowners know the value of Smart Home Technology and the efficient use of utilities and convenience these tools offer homeowners. Home Improvement stores have offered this technology for a few years now, but these appliances are now integrating with Smart Phones for mobile control of one’s home’s features. I, for one, LOVE my Nest Thermostat that synchs with my Smart Phone … Read More